MW – Coach, Teacher, Mentor

I have been on this Agile journey for more than 20 years. I work in organisations around the world, from small startups to large enterprises. I specialise in the problems of organisational design and those effects on agile product development. I take a pragmatic and systems approach. I work with executives and stakeholders throughout the organisation. I understand how decisions at the top affect the rest of the organisation around the world. Started in Engineering, I saw problems which were beyond the teams’ control and went into Product Management, then continued up to the executives and eventually became Chief of Staff when I branched out from Product Development into HR, Finance and even Facilities. 

My goal is simple, I go after anything or any group that hinders the team working effectively together to produce a product that delights the customers. 

I frequently speak at international Agile/Lean conferences and meetups on the topics of Leadership, Agile HR & Modern Talent Development Practices and Remote & Distributed Agile. I also write blogs and monthly Leadership Memos. I hope you subscribe so you can get my latest tips, thoughts and insights.

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