Consulting & Coaching

I work with both executives and middle managers to solve problems and see new possibilities. Choose one of the packaged programs if you see the issue you want to work on below. If not, let’s discuss a custom program designed for your context. 

Packaged Programs

Foundational skills for responsive and innovative organizations

If you want your organization to be responsive, innovative, and resilient in this complex and rapidly changing world, your organization needs to have the ability to flex and adapt. We’ll take a holistic view of what needs to change and how to change in order to get such organizational agility. We’ll map out an overall plan and decide on at least one area to work on.

Get Serious about Psychological Safety

What do leaders need to do to have high-performing teams, and improve employee productivity, creativity, engagement, and inclusivity? Foster a psychologically safe environment. We’ll help you identify sources of opportunity and give you the tools that you need. Throughout the journey, I’ll be there to support your progress.

Hands-on Experience with 21st-Century Leadership

To be an effective leader in the 21st century, you need to have an agile mindset and work in an agile fashion. Through 2 immersive experiences (games), we help you understand intellectually and emotionally what they mean. You’ll have immediately actionable take-aways and I’ll help you put those actions into practice.

Custom Programs

Every consulting and coaching relationship is unique and I customize each engagement to address your specific aspirations and areas of concern. Therefore, I start every engagement with a discovery conversation to learn about your goals, aspirations, and challenges. Together we’ll begin to explore leverage points to create the positive changes needed to achieve your goals. The scope of engagement may be company-wide, a department, a division, your leadership team, or 1-on-1 with you. Our first conversation is always free and there’s never any obligation.

For Executives

I’ve been there. I’m your thinking partner, your fresh set of eyes and an outside perspective to help you create, grow, and maintain a responsive, innovative, and resilient 21st century organization.

For Managers

I’ve also been there and I’ve worked with hundreds of managers over the years. I can help you develop leadership skills, foster an environment where your people can work at their natural best, or operate in organizational agility.

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