(Online Workshop) Free Your Performance Review Process: From managing performance to enabling performance


Do you roll your eyes or groan in pain when you see the email from your HR or People Operations telling you it’s time for performance reviews? Do you even remember what you did more than two months ago? Have you ever asked who invented this abomination called Performance Reviews?

The reality is most people hate performance appraisals (even HR). Businesses continue to use outdated performance review cycles year after year. There has been very little innovation in managing people, much less enabling performance. Are performance reviews a necessary evil? Or are there better ways to get timely feedback that are helpful? Hint: You don’t have to live with performance reviews as they are being done today.

This course is for you if you’re HR, People Operations, managers or any leaders who want to change from managing performance to enabling performance. This course is for you even if you’re not in the position to change your company’s performance management process. You will walk away with your own practical ways to help the organization transition to better performance conversations that matter.

Course outline

Week 1

  • Why performance management?
  • What is the purpose?

Week 2

  • Why today’s system doesn’t work and why it needs to change.

Week 3

  • What hypothesis can we make and how can we test?
  • Know your starting point

Week 4

  • Work with your organizational constraints to make lasting change

Week 5

  • Action steps on what you can do to change the future of performance reviews.

Week 6

  • Learn from each other what you’ve tried: challenges, successes and pitfalls

You’ll be practicing and learning all the way. You’ll also experience Liberating Structures. With the workbook that you’ll receive, you’re expected to implement what we’ve discussed after each week. After the first class, you’ll be invited to join a Slack community where you have the chance to ask questions, share insights, challenges, and successes with each other. The Slack community will stay so that we can continue to cheer each other on in our journey.

** Please note that the course is limited to 20 participants only.

Your Instructors

This course is led by Mun-Wai Chung and JF Unson. We have both been on the agile journey for over 20 years. While we both started as engineers, JF likes to work with the teams while Mun-Wai chases the “source”, the ones whose decisions affect the rest of the organization around the world. Even though we worked at different levels, we both experienced the ridiculousness of the annual performance review process, and we both pushed the boundaries, as much as the organization was ready to stomach, to make feedback more timely and useful.

We have since translated what we did into principles and patterns that can be used by anyone to modernize their performance review process. Our approach caters to what companies can stomach – from cautious to radical. It is up to you as to how far you want to push the approach.

Contact me if you have any questions or if you’d like this workshop delivered at your organisation.

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