Get Serious about Psychological Safety

What if…

  • You can assess your team’s health that goes beyond the typical employee engagement survey… 
  • You have highly productive, creative, and engaged teams…

It is possible! It’s time to get serious about psychological safety!

We identify sources of opportunity and give you, leaders, the tools you need to foster psychological safety in the flow of your daily work. The result is higher team morale, improved engagement & innovation, and increased team effectiveness.

Our programs follow the path below:

Program 1: Psychological Safety Baseline

Program overview

  1. Team Health Baseline & Analysis – We start by assessing where your team is through:
    • Confidential team interviews
    • Confidential psychological safety measurements (Fearless Organization Scan).
  2. Team Dialogue Kickoff – The length of the dialogue depends on team size and scores. Usually two 1.5-2 hours sessions.
    • We facilitate team dialogue to pinpoint the underlying factors that hinder team psychological safety.
    • At the end of the team dialogue, the team would commit to one action step
    • We’ll provide a post-session debrief with you, the team leader.
  3. Four 45-minute custom coaching sessions
    • This is to help you and your team apply the new skills, learn how to reflect continuously, and reset your ways of working.
    • The coaching sessions are either 1-on-1 with you or your team or a combination of both.

This program covers steps 1, 2 & 3 on the path above.

Program 2: Activate Psychological Safety in Your Teams

Program overview

Prerequisite: Psychological Safety Baseline program

To go further than the initial assessment and team dialogue, you’d want to activate your plan for sustained high performance.

  1. High-Performance Team Activator Workshop – The length and specific content of the workshop depend on team size and results from Team Health Assessment and Dialogue. Usually 2.5 hours.
    • You’ll learn tools that build psychological safety during team discussions
    • You and your team will develop a team roadmap to integrate team psychological safety into the current goals, challenges, and responsibilities
    • You’ll create personal plans to further develop the skills required in a high-performing leader and member.
    • We’ll provide you, the team leader, a post-workshop debrief and recommendations.
  2. Four 45-minute custom coaching sessions – To discuss the recommendations, help you apply the new learnings, and set a sustainable cadence of improvements.

This program covers steps 3 & 4 on the path above.

Program 3: Baseline + Activate Psychological Safety in Your Teams

Program Overview

This includes the “Psychological Safety Baseline” program and the “Activate Psychological Safety in Your Teams” program.

  1. Team Health Baseline & Analysis
  2. Team Dialogue Kickoff
  3. High-Performance Team Activator Workshop
  4. Eight 45-minute custom coaching sessions

This program covers the entire path above.

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