Hands-on Experience with 21st-Century Leadership

Have you realized that the world is becoming more and more complex? 

Did you notice that the pace of change is faster and faster? 

Do you wonder how you can lead and manage in this rapidly changing and complex world that we call the 21st century?

Ponder no more!

To be an effective leader in the 21st century, you need to have an agile mindset and work in an agile fashion.

Through 2 immersive experiences (games), we help you understand intellectually and emotionally what they mean. With real examples, and practical ideas specific to the team’s needs, you and your team will:

  • Learn what agile is and is not
  • Know how the principles of agile mindset link directly to your daily work
  • Understand how every action and activity can be free from bureaucracy and the fixed mindset, and how everything you do contributes to your objectives, vision, and mission.
  • Have immediately actionable takeaways 

In the end, you’ll experience how to lead in this 21st century which is complex and fast-changing.

Program Overview

  1. Immersive Game 1: The Surprise Birthday Party
    • How long does it take to create the outcome of an online party? 
    • We work through a number of short sprints as we prepare for an important colleague to join the call.
    • We see what works and what does not, and we learn what matters and what does not.
  2. Immersive Game 2: Building Corriesburg
    • We have to build a whole new city. We have 3 teams and 12 sprints to deliver everything you would need and expect in a city.
    • How does the team decide what to build first? And what to build next?  How does the team respond to the changing conditions and requirements as the sprints progress?
    • Learn all this in a no-risk environment, where the team can ask and learn and investigate and explore, without fear of loss or looking foolish.
  3. Nine 45-minute coaching sessions – The coaching sessions after each game is a follow-up to help you put those actions and takeaways into practice.

(Depending on your team size, each game takes about 2 – 2.5 hours)

This program is limited to 20 people only.

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