How I can help

First, get my latest tips, thoughts and insights through my blog posts and my free monthly Leadership Memos.

On top of that, I offer the following services both remote and in person:

  • Assessments – Through 1-on-1 and team interviews, I work with you to define your goals, define our approach, and collect relevant data. Then I write and present my results in a report, which includes short-term and long-term recommendations, specific actions you can select, and derived metrics from your measurements.
  • Coaching – Executive coaching and management mentoring. We’ll talk about what you do now, what the role of a manager is in an agile environment, and how you can get there. Sometimes, you just need to talk to another experienced executive who has encountered similar problems. I can structure a coaching engagement to answer your questions, and help you see how to be most effective. This can be 1-on-1 or a group of leaders in the same organisation.
  • Consulting – I help you identify your unique strengths and manage your weaknesses, whether it be leadership skill development, managing your portfolio and projects, managing risks or hiring people. I suggest options for you and you decide on an appropriate set of actions. If you like, I could help you plan how to accomplish those activities and coach you through those changes.
  • Talks & Workshops – Are you in leadership? Are you involved in hiring, performance management or budgeting? Do you want to build your remote and hybrid agile expertise? Then these are for you. I use stories, interactions, and experiential approaches in my talks and workshops to help people learn – sometimes in as little as 20 minutes.
  • Facilitation – Do your new-to-remote teams need a little facilitation to get going? Do you have scrum masters, agile coaches or other leaders who need some facilitation help? I facilitate both structured meetings and informal communications. Clients have found my retrospective facilitation especially helpful when it’s a sticky, very complex and highly political project.

Interested? Email me or schedule a time to talk.

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