(Workshop) Processing Changes & Transitions Together


We’ve all experienced loss in our lives. Loss of a loved one, loss of an opportunity, loss of something we once held dear. One particular loss is the recent global layoffs. Whether you personally experienced it (you were laid off or you laid someone off), witnessed that happening (some of your teammates were laid off), or heard/read about it on the news, it’s a time of change.

Do you know how to process transition or change?

In this 2-hour interactive workshop, we provide a safe and supportive environment so that we can learn how to process the implications of the recent massive layoffs. We’ll be using various Liberating Structures to help in this endeavor and it’s based on the seminal Work that Reconnects, developed in the 1970’s by Joanna Macy for environmental activists who had lost hope.

If you find you don’t function as you normally would or if you need a space to process it, come join us! This valuable skill helps us process any transitions and changes in our lives. It is also easily replicable by you with your teams and other groups.

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