A Tale of Two Agile Worlds – Episode 1: Resistance isn’t futile


The Agile Manifesto came out in 2001. Today, it seems that everyone is on the Agile bandwagon, making it fairly common in many workplaces. Still, whether a company is already established with Agile or just starting on their Agile journey, resistance to Agile, abounds. How is that manifested in such organisations? Where are the sources of the opposition? Do they come from People? Executives? Middle management? Individuals? All of the above? Or do they come from departments such as Engineering? HR? Programme Management? Everywhere?

Introducing Episode 1 of “A Tale of Two Agile Worlds”:

Here, we’ll look at senior management’s resistance from both the UK’s and the US’s perspectives. We’ll compare and contrast the manifested behaviours of executive resistance to Agile – both overt and covert forms. We’ll see how the people perceive and react to them. We’ll also dive deeper into understanding the various sources of senior management resistance.

Through the UK and US viewpoints, are we going to find the problems divergent across the pond, or are they ubiquitous? And would we be able to find the same solutions to the senior management resistance problem?

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