Imagine you can…

  • Ensure your people are engaged, productive, and high-performing
  • Lead and manage your remote and hybrid teams with ease
  • Not only survive but thrive in this rapidly changing world

You can!


I have had the privilege of working with Mun-Wai for over a year and a half. She has been a tremendous inspiration both professionally and personally. The early days of entrepreneurship can be quite lonely and sometimes it feels like few people care especially if you haven’t reached product/market fit. Mun-Wai along the journey would ask questions that were thought-provoking and challenged me to go deeper. Over time this process allowed the brain fog to fade into a sharper, clearer vision.

One of my biggest problems as a founder is having a compelling vision of the future but remaining unsure of how to form a plan that properly identifies what to work on at the stage that I am at. Mun-Wai brings a lot of unique perspectives that get us founders out of tunnel vision and able to answer the right questions that are relevant for the stage that we are at on the journey.

Travis, CEO, President & Founder, Heavenya

Mun-Wai has a great sense of humor and servant heart, which improved our slide deck in every respect for fundraising.  She brings top notch gifts in storytelling and asking the right questions to create concise and compelling messaging. She brings the right combination of consulting and hands-on assistance for our start-up.

Mun-Wai is passionate, enthusiastic and a great joy to work with. I highly recommend her if you need help in your strategy and messaging for your organization.

Mark, Founder, Sync with God

Although I have never been in an agile environment, I feel very fortunate to start a company with an agile mindset, principles, and values with help from Mun-Wai.  Over the last couple of months, she walked me through a set of reflective questions that inspire me to think and connect the dots.  Her approach was very much customized and applicable to the stage and the need for my startup.  She is my Trillion Dollar Coach and I feel fortunate to be working with her to lay the right foundations for my company.  Thank you, Mun-Wai!

Damon, Founder & CEO, beAuthentic

Mun-Wai has great experience in agile development. She has been a coach helping us adopt methodologies that facilitate project life cycles. Profound impact to our performance assessment was established under her strong effort. It’s a pleasure of mine working with Mun-Wai.

Marc, General Manager, RingCentral