Mun-Wai has a great sense of humor and servant heart, which improved our slide deck in every respect for fundraising.  She brings top notch gifts in storytelling and asking the right questions to create concise and compelling messaging. She brings the right combination of consulting and hands-on assistance for our start-up.

Mun-Wai is passionate, enthusiastic and a great joy to work with. I highly recommend her if you need help in your strategy and messaging for your organization.

Mark, Founder, Sync with God

Although I have never been in an agile environment, I feel very fortunate to start a company with an agile mindset, principles, and values with help from Mun-Wai.  Over the last couple of months, she walked me through a set of reflective questions that inspire me to think and connect the dots.  Her approach was very much customized and applicable to the stage and the need for my startup.  She is my Trillion Dollar Coach and I feel fortunate to be working with her to lay the right foundations for my company.  Thank you, Mun-Wai!

Damon, Founder & CEO, beAuthentic

Mun-Wai has great experience in agile development. She has been a coach helping us adopt methodologies that facilitate project life cycles. Profound impact to our performance assessment was established under her strong effort. It’s a pleasure of mine working with Mun-Wai.

Marc, General Manager in Telecommunications Industry

Mun-Wai has incredible energy and enthusiasm. Working with multilingual and multicultural teams, truly understanding agile in an enterprise environment, she is able to affect a change with pragmatic, practical applications of hard earned principles of software development throughout the company. Would love to work with her in the future.

Vadim, SVP R&D in Telecommunications Industry

I signed up for MunWai Consulting because I have been placed in a managerial position with no prior managing experience. I took advantage of contacting MW as the newsletter offered. MW does not skirt around the issue or let you get distracted. MW will push you until you find where the pain was and start working for improvement from there. It brought help to me by giving new perspectives and practical approaches to challenging situations that I was facing. It was great when I was stuck in my job. Word of advice, if you want to change for the better, be ready to be pushed, HARD!

Jason, PhD, R&D Manager in Agricultural Industry

We are happy! I have become a big proponent of what Mun-Wai is helping us do!

Bonaventure, Lifecycle Leader, Roche Pharmaceutical

Mun-Wai has a strong commitment to building a values driven culture of self-directed teams delivering high quality work ahead of schedule. She is thoughtful and respectful in her approach and very well trained in the distinctions of Agile. I learned a lot from Mun-Wai and working with her has helped me to be a more effective manager.

David, Hardware Engineering Manager in Security Industry

Mun-Wai brought Agile to my life and it has been amazing. Not only have I learned a great deal from her about the Agile development process, but I have also learned about Agile engineering techniques and Agile Management and many other ways Agile can transform a company and the way it does business. I have even heard that Agile does not work for Hardware development, but I have seen her bring it to a chip development team with great success. I hope that we will have further opportunities in the future to work together.

Richard, Software Engineering Manager in Security Industry

Impressed with Mun-Wai’s visibility and intentional/strategic connections with the various teams. I learn how to look through the lens of ‘agile’ at the teams – by working with Mun-Wai!

Lisa, Team Performance Coach, Roche Pharmaceutical