MW – Business Agility Consultant, Executive Advisor, Speaker, Writer

A Little bit about MW

While my name is Mun-Wai, you can call me MW. I specialise in creating and maintaining innovative organisations. My clients learn from and appreciate my pragmatic and people-first systems approach. “Release the potential of your staff and they will release the potential of the business” is what I go by. I have over 20 years of corporate and agile experience. Started in Engineering, I ended up being Chief of Staff when I started messing around in HR, Finance and Facilities. I work in organisations around the world, from startups to large enterprises, across high-tech, hardware, cyber security, telecommunications and pharmaceutical industries. My ability to make the complex simple allows me to help the executives understand how their decisions affect the rest of the organisation across the globe. 

Where can you find MW?


I frequently speak at global conferences and professional gatherings about agility, leadership and innovation.


I share my experience, thoughts, and insights through my blogs, articles and monthly Leadership Memos. My first book will be published soon, so stay tuned!


Along with JF Unson, we started Our Agile Tales podcast where we weave our stories together, and sometimes with others, as we navigate corporate levels and political waters to transform the business to be adaptable to this forever-changing world. 


I am a part of the Business Agility Institute community where I started SF BABAM (San Francisco Bay Area Business Agility Meetup) along with four other co-organisers. SF BABAM is a global community where we encourage curiosity and idea sharing. We explore the new patterns of a complex and rapidly changing world. Instead of rushing to short-term goals and neglecting sustainable outcomes, we invite speakers to share their experiences with us on how to shift toward resilient and sustainable organisations that are quick to learn and adapt.