Boldly go where other generations have not gone before

Lion Vectors by Vecteezy


For the first time in history, we have up to five generations in the workplace. All generations want the same thing: to be respected, recognised, and rewarded for our work. The difference between them is the form factor that motivates us. Preceding generations have put the current reward and recognition systems in place. That creates a clash at work and at home with the succeeding generations who are doing most of the actual work while others are mostly in senior roles. Disengaged workers are less innovative, less likely to stay long term, and focus more on output than business value, decreasing the company’s agility. In this talk, we share stories of how we created adaptable reward and recognition systems that foster incentives for every generation, increasing engagement from all sections of our workforce.

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Interviewed by InfoQ after Aginext 2021 Conference

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