Tips on how to succeed when teaching new ways of working

Wendy got together with Peter and educated him on psychological safety, and what she and Bob have been planning for the upcoming facilitation workshop.

Peter: “Wow, Wendy, thanks for the explanation on psychological safety. I get it now. But I think I’ll need your help in meetings when you see that I do something that decreases the safety in the room. Maybe pull me aside during the meeting and point that out to me so that I can correct it on the spot. You said that’s how we learn, right? That we need to practice and get quick feedback.”

Me (Wendy): “Yes, that’s how we learn. And yes, Bob and I are happy to point those out to you to help you learn

Peter: “Hahaha! I’m sure you two can’t wait! So, for your facilitation training workshop, from what you told me, you and Bob seem to have all the materials ready. I’ll let you decide whether you want it to be completely remote or make it hybrid. I’ll support you either way. Just let me know what I can do to help.”

Me: “Thanks, Peter. I’ll let Bob know, and we’ll schedule this training!”

Peter: “Good! I can’t wait for people to learn these skills and improve our meetings!”

(Wendy went to look for Bob.)

Me: “Bob, I talked to Peter! You got an action item! 

Bob: “Why do you always volunteer me to do things? 

Me: “‘Peter said he needs our help to point out anything he does that decreases the safety in the room. So, I told him that both you and I are happy to pull him aside during the meeting and let him know. 

Bob: “Oh! That I’m more than happy to do.”

Me: “That’s what Peter said as well. Actually, he said he’s sure we can’t wait!”

Bob: “Hahahahaha! He knows us well.

Me: “Yup! And we can schedule our upcoming facilitation training. Peter said we can decide whether it’s fully remote or hybrid.”

Bob: “How about we schedule it at least two weeks from today? This way, we have some time to both drum up interest with people, and allow them the opportunity to create some space on their calendars for this training, as well as for the pre-work we will have them do.”

Me: “Two weeks at least – I hate it when people don’t give me enough warning, especially when they expect something from me. But no more than three weeks ahead.”

Bob: “Great. I think we should do this hybrid since hybrid is a lot more complicated than fully remote or completely in-person. The techniques that people learn in hybrid actually translate easier in fully remote or fully in-person meetings. Let’s schedule this training 3 weeks from now so we have time to find another facilitator (since we recommend 3 minimum) and plan the workshop together.”

Me: “You’re reading my mind again, Bob. I hate it when you do that. 

This is the end of Wendy’s and Bob’s story. Hope you’ve enjoyed it. You can read Wendy’s entire story here.

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