Do you know knowing the why is one of the keys to employee motivation?

It was one of those days. Demands. Deadlines. Decisions. Endless interruptions mixed with a nagging headache that a painkiller wouldn’t erase and positive thinking wouldn’t help. Right in the middle of the mess, a guy poked his head in the door, smiled, and (among other things) dropped a real gem on me: “The person who knows how will always have a job… and he will always work for the person who knows why.”

People who know how are on the front lines and in the trenches, developing and making products, selling the products, teaching the students, fixing the cars, typing the letters, swinging the bats, caring for patients, getting the job done. They will always be the largest in number among the workforce.

But there must also be those who know why. Those who can harness the energy and give direction, those who can manage, motivate and generate enthusiasm among those who know how. (We’ll talk more next week about what requirements are needed of those who know why.)

The difficulty comes when those who know why spend too much time doing things that ought to be done by those who know how, or when those who know how do not know the why behind what they are doing, and when those who should know why do not know (or care) why!

How about you? Do you know why your organization exists? Do you know why that is so important? Who is the major target of your company? What is the major need of his/her life? Or do you spend more time on the how than knowing, understanding, and communicating the why?

Everything we do, everything we promote and finance and endorse, should relate directly to why we are doing them. It is invaluable that people in the companies know why and how. Once they do, it’s amazing how involved and motivated they become.

Are you equipped to do your job? Do you know why and how?

If you would like help figuring out the Why (i.e. the vision and the purpose), book a free call with me.

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