Are you dreading the coming of the new year or are you excited?

Leadership Memo 2022-12

Can you believe we are only weeks away from the end of 2022? How has 2022 been for you? Was it a year of twists and turns and full of challenges? Or has it been an exciting ride full of surprises and opportunities?

My 2022 started with a question. I was wondering how the previous 2 years of the pandemic and other global events had affected my clients and how I could help them better. As I pondered the question, I also wanted to see if I could help more people than I was helping. I realized I needed to upskill myself before I would know how to help more people, so I enrolled in a 9-month cohort in May. You may remember that I told you I was in the process of learning during the summer. That led me to conduct a global market research at the end of the summer. I then had a hypothesis on how I could help my global clients better. I put together a 6-week program to help caring leaders to respond and adapt to this complex and rapidly changing world by creating an environment that allows the employees to be happy, engaged, and high-performing. I tested the program by running 2 pilots, one for the executives and the other for managers. While I was running the 2 pilots, I had other ideas on how I could serve my clients better.

The 2 pilots are now completed. They are a success. My hypothesis was tested and proven. I’m moving on to the next step, which is to unveil other new services that I am offering. I’m testing those out as well. Since you have been following me and reading my posts for some time, I’m sharing this with you first! And I’m giving you a discount to help me test these new programs. The discount code is “friends”.

  1. The 6-week program I tested will go through a 2nd pilot in early Q1. I received good feedback from the first pilots and I am incorporating them into the program. I would like to test that out as well, hence the 2nd pilot. Registrations are now open, one for executives and the other for managers.
  2. Do you want higher team morale, improved engagement & innovation, and increased team effectiveness? Then you need to get serious with psychological safety.
  3. We all know that in this complex and rapidly changing world, we cannot lead and manage the way we used to. But as Benjamin Franklin said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” So, come experience hands-on what 21st-century leadership is about
  4. Wouldn’t you agree that one of the basic 21st-century leadership skills is listening? You may have learned the skill of active listening, but being a good listener is more than that. Curious about what I mean? Check out the Power of Listening.

As you can see, I’m doing what I preach: find out what the problem is to solve, come up with hypotheses on the solution, test out the hypotheses, then implement the solutions per feedback, and start the cycle again. If you are not doing that when you come across an issue, I would like to challenge you to try that out in 2023.

Have a wonderful rest of 2022 and a happy 2023!

p.s. If you are working on different issues and challenges other than the four that I listed above, schedule a free consultation with me and discuss what you need.


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